Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bird Flu Mania

Of course, BFM has been sweeping Asia and Europe for some time now, but being an unashamed Blighty-phile, things have now got serious.
A dead swan in Fife was found to have had *the-deadly-H5N1-strain* launching BFM across the UK (though as the swan was far far away from where newspapers are written, we're not yet at full scale BFM).
Swans enjoy a unique status in Britain, being feared for their arm-breaking ability yet protected by being owned by the Queen.
Poultry within a 3km radius of the swan have been 'forcibly housed'.
Flu viruses originated in water birds and doesn't normally make them sick, making it easier for the virus to spread (the birds aren't laid up in bed) to other birds. The scary thing about *the-deadly-H5N1-strain* is that it can spread to humans, and as it adapts to new hosts may be more deadly than flu strains seen in the past...

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