Monday, August 08, 2005

Big Wednesday

So, I just came back from a weekend surfing in north devon. Well, I say surfing, but this being summer time the waves were little over a foot or two (or should I say 30-60cm?). Normally you'd be a little peeved at this, but the weather was fine and beer was cold, and at least there was no hurricane producing the biggest waves on record, as recently reported in Science [1]
Last year, on Wednesday 15th of September 2004 to be exact, hurricane Ivan passed over wave-tide gauges used by the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to measure these things The largest measured waves were to be around 27 meters, and the ones they missed reckoned to be 40 meters, or in surf-imperial, like, 132 feet dude. My lord. Surf's up.

[1] Science, Vol 309, Issue 5736, 896 , 5 August 2005

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