Friday, November 18, 2005

Ben Goldacre

I missed this article from Dr Bad Science MDDS,, sicce it was hid in Time Out's alternative therapy special rathe rthan being in the Gauridian.

You've got to love Ben Goldacre. On what seems like a one man mission to spread some understanding of how science works and how the public are led astray by poor science journalism and dodgy science used to make people rich. For sure, his tirade against humanities graduate is offensive to said BAs, but only if you fail to notice the partially cheek implanted tounge (only partially, since he has a point about those not qualified in the sciences irresposibly pontificating in the press, and how this can be dangerous, especially when it comes to peoples health, or their perception of their health).

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PvP said...

Ben goldarce is really awesome I hope he keeps coming out with good articles.