Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Official BUS statement re:Upstart Science Blog

ooo, get you New Scientist, with your new (ish) Short Sharp Science blog.
Think you are better than Big Up Science!, with your well written, up to the minute posts on cutting edge science news?

Well, let me tell you something, when you've been infrequently posting poorly written things about science since 2005, then you can come play ball with the Big Up Science! massive, you dig?

We get the press releases n'all you know. It's just that we choose to ignore them as we know that what we write will be ill informed nonsense and only one of the Scientician's pals will ever read it.

To teach you a lesson, I'm going to put a link to you here and probably read your blog, as you frequently post interesting things that are just the sort of thing I like to read, thus wasting time when I should really be starting an in situ.

edit: and thet've got picture. Show offs.

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