Friday, October 06, 2006

[BBC: Insert archive pictures form "Walking with dinosaurs" here.]

Hej! Scando-Fossils! Giant plesiosaurs! From Svalbard! Home of Panserbjørne!

Dr. Jørn Hurum, Hans Arne Nakrem and their paleoentologist chums from the Norwegian Natural History Museum in Oslo have been up to Svalbard for a short two week field expidition, during which they uncovered 28 new species of plesiosaurs and icthyosaurs. The biggest (and therefore bestest) of which is a 10 meter plesiosaur, with a 2 meter long head. Look at this picture of it in the ground. See how they usfully put a man in it as scale. Look how that bit of dirt to the right is the head.

Yeah, this is why paleoentology gets kids excited. That one massive monster is eating that other one! Look, that's sweet! How much cooler could botany be? The answer is none. None more cooler.

Good shit. Well done Norwegian bone dudes, though it does look a tad chilly, I'll stay in the lab for now.

Not so well done the BBC. Specifically, not so well done the BBC news website. When ever there is anything in the news about dinosaurs, human ancestors or other prehistoric animals, nine times out of ten they will stick some of their pictures from Walking with Dinosaurs/Cavemen/Beasts on their front page. Fair enough, they cost lots of money to make, but this is over kill. Here's todays example:

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