Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dropping Science 2

A selection of suggestions for the mix tape from Blue and Brown and Dan, up form the comments.
Firstly, blue and brown's, note that there is a ban on all coldplay:

Apologies to Insect Life - British Sea Power.
The Test - The Chemical Brothers
Nature Boy - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Now Dan's
Bovine Spungiform Economics - Million Dead
Biological - Air
Gene By Gene - Blur
Tendon #7 - Chris TT [late addition due to non-emo nature, that and the fact that he lists Dawkins, Darwin, the Nat. Hist. and Sherlock's bro as influences on his MySpace thingymajigger, good man.]

(I'm going to ignore the rest of Dan's as they are either too emo, or I havn't heard of them... Or both)


Anonymous said...

You cannot gag the masses they will revolt. I demand free speech, whether I'm a whiney emo bitch or not... though actually if that's the case you may be right.

Anonymous said...

And you're trying to tell me Chriss TT is emo. Look he's even playing round your way soon. He writes songs about hedgehogs.

Ne said...

You're dead right, he isn't emo, but I hadn't heard of him. I wish I had though. seems top. He's in.

2sfdgeyk said...
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