Monday, May 14, 2007

How a beetle made an idiot of a hamster

Richard Hammond, aka, "The Hamster", is an idiot. This, I feel, in not really news, but I figure it needs reiterating, especially as he's just written a column in the Mirror stating how may-bugs (cockchafers) are proof that evolution is bollocks.

His main point seems to be that may-bugs are rubbish, and the spend all their time flying into houses that they must never get chance to reproduce. How does he think they do reproduce? Spontaneous generation?

He has taken the intellectually easy option of discounting evolution based on limited personal observations. He's obviously got thinking about it, and rather than perusing the thought through, and finding out about cockchafer life cycles and how they may work in the ecological niche to which they've adapted, he's made made assumptions based on a poor understanding of darwinian thought, an afternoon in the garden and five minutes on Wikipedia. Knob.

EDIT: Title spelling changed. Originally spelt Beatle, as in the pop combo.


Anonymous said...

Told you a may bug was also a cockchafer. Or did I say mayfly? Or dragonfly? Or dragon?

Anonymous said...

No, wait. That was your brother. HE was the one who wouldn't accept the cockchafer-may bug synonymity.

Put him straight.

Ne said...

Are you sure you didn't say mayfly? They are not cockchafers. They are flys with proverbially short life spans.

Anonymous said...

For heavens sake, firstly learn to spell beetle correctly and secondly the article was tongue in cheek - get over yourself

Ne said...

Fair point about the spelling Mr/Ms Anonymous. Always a struggle for me.

But I missed the tongue in cheek tone of the piece.

Anonymous said...

haha, your first "hater". I reckon it's J.

Weird things though them cockchafers, they damn well hurt when they hit you too.

Ne said...

To quote a once great man:
"Paul, I think I told you, I'm a lover not a fighter"