Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We are testing on more animals than we have for 15 years. I think this may be mostly my fault. I'm sorry. I'll stop it right now. There, i have now officially stopped.

Seriously, I have. That's nothing to do with the fact that I've just about finished my lab work. I've proved it by using this blatantly stolen picture of a lab mouse, rather than going to take a picture myself. Honest, it was exclusively for missplaced ethical reasons.

But wait, read on. Tests on primates are down 10%. Why isn't that the lead story? That's great news, but no one wants to hear that sort of news. Or maybe rather no one in the media wants to report that.

(please direct all death threats to someone else)

[Edit] typo promptly changed


Anonymous said...

"I have not officially stopped" makes the rest read a little confusingly.

Then you're puzzled, so you go back and substitute 'now' for 'not', but then you have to read what follows again.

Do you think I've got time to read things twice? Have I balls. I'm a busy man.

This would never happen in heaven. In heaven there are no typos.

Anonymous said...

Tell you what I hate: It's when people correct a spelling mistake in a sentence but BLATANTLY ignore a lower-case 'i' in place of 'I' in that very same sentence.

I've always hated that.

Anonymous said...

And how about a post title?

What is this? Amateur hour?

Ne said...

Yes, it is amateur hour. Not all of us can spend all our days writing rubbish in the internets.

Anonymous said...

That, my friend, is a lie. All you need to do is sidestep all work giving yourself ever-increasing mountains of labour to look forward to.