Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Science singles

If there's one thing we love here at Big Up Science (and I say "we love", but I mean "I love", the Scientician's Accomplice has been oddly silent for some time. I'm worried, should I call the police?) it's science cropping up in "the arts" and "popular culture", whatever those words actually mean.

Starting this week we'll (I say "we'll"...) be compiling a list of any sciencey things, no matter how tenuous, in any newly released UK singles. What with the iTunes led death of the music single being heralded by all the trend watchers, I'm once again on the cutting edge of the Zeitgeist of UK popular culture music scene...

Here are the science singles for the week beginning 6/08/2007.

First up is Get Up by Elektrons.

Here comes the science bit: "Elektrons" is electrons, negitivly charged sub-atomic particles, but with a k where the c should be. Clever.
How does it sound?: Other than the band name, I'm not hearing any science, but I'll let it off by being a good tune. And it has Soup from Jurassic 5 on it. And a giant cartoon robot in the video.

The other sciencey release this week is Bench Sleeping by My Little Problem.

Here comes the science bit: "Bench Sleeping" is what you do when you've not got enough sleep before going into the lab. After setting up an experiment, you decide to flout all health and safety rules and get 40 winks at your bench.
How does it sound?: Disappointingly this is not the tale recalling events like those suggested above. It's quite nice though, but it's so gentle might make me fall asleep at the bench.


Anonymous said...

Is 'Bench Sleeping' not what you have to do when you've flouted health and safety rules, lost your job and consequently failed to meet the mortgage payments?

Speaking of K in place of C, I've coincidentally just finished reviewing Korn's new album.

rynjyqmz - that's longer than normal, isn't it?

Ne said...

Mortgage? What's this mortgage you speak of?