Monday, May 12, 2008

Chris Morris, Brian Cox and CERN

Listen to a man who used to play keyboards for D:Ream chat to Chris Morris about CERN, particle physics and relativistic mechanics here. I love the internet.


Anonymous said...

Never mind the internet. To appear, it had to happen in THE REAL WORLD.

I can't believe that this happened. How Brian Cox went from being in D:Ream to being Mr Particle Physics is an unanswered question I've just about learnt to live with, but how the frack does he know Chris Morris.

Then, knowing Chris Morris, why does he invite him over to CERN?

The same goes for Simon Munnery and the actor Kevin Eldon's appearances at CERN.

It's all too weird. I move in the wrong circles.

Anonymous said...

And then the very next thing I read was about Britain's tallest cow.


I must be smacked up to the eyeballs again.

PvP said...

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