Wednesday, October 31, 2007

T minus 13 days and...

... and actually things are going scarcely well.

I've done the bulk of the writing, having done an rubbish introduction, and four ok results chapters. My figures were pretty much done as I went along, there's no stats to do thanks to my mickey mouse subject (whoop whoop!), and my supervisor is being super helpful in reading what I've done.
All I have to do is write the general discussion, add a few sections to the intro, collate it all in to one document (which doesn't look all that painful), do the references, format the bugger, bind and submit. Hmm, doesn't sound like a small amount now I've put it like that.

It's all been going too well. I'm sure some disaster is about to befall me. Not least from the examinations office, who I have to convince to let me submit before I said I would on all the stupid forms.


Anonymous said...

"Scarcely well"

I'm saying nothing.

Anonymous said...

spell checkers my man, spell checkers

Anonymous said...

They can't be expected to monitor your subconscience.

Just as well too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I can't not comment with a word verification like this.

vmail = special mode of internet correspondence designed specifically for a friend of mine.

Anonymous said...

When I handed in my final year thesis, there was a man in front of me handing his in, and his title was "The Law And Ethics of Medicine". Except - he'd spent it "Medecine". NB this wasn't a French university. I mean it was years ago but there was a spell-check programme even then. Also presumably he would have come across the word "medicine" correctly spelt, oh, maybe a couple of times, whilst doing his research.