Monday, November 05, 2007

An excuse to pompous

This may just be the delirium setting in, but I'm really enjoying writing the discussion of my thesis. I get to write such wonderfully pompous wank as: "I would therefore suggest that initially the cartilage and the ossified process are a highly integrated, but separate pair of developmental units. As development proceeds though to the post natal period, this integration becomes so great that they effectively function as one unit. "

[in a Stephen Fry in Blackadder stylee] baaaaahhh!

I think my typo in the last post was a Freudian slip though. I doomed.


Anonymous said...

What about the ones in this post? Were they Fruedian or are you just being popmous?

I hate myself sometimes.

Ne said...

I don't know what you talking about...

/me whistles and doesn't make eye contact

Anonymous said...

Mmm. My medicine's delicious.

Word verification: ydhouni - an article about the Indian Test captaincy that we really should have written by now.