Thursday, March 22, 2007

Heavy Metal Teen Geeks

New Scientist's (boo Reed-Elsevier, boo!) blog rightly points out that research suggesting heavy metal music is listened to by clever kids is a bag of wank (I paraphrase). Actually, the research says they listen to it to cope with the stress of being gifted. Told you, a bag of wank.
The best thing is, if you click back to the Telegraph (I mean, come on, the Telegraph for feck's sake!) article linked in the blog post, you get a picture of Bryan May getting his (honorary) doctorate. Bryan May! How good is that?

Oh my, this is the third post in a week. I feel light headed....

EDIT: I feel a bit bad about this. I did some more digging, and the research was done by one Stuart Cadwallader at Warwick and the NAGTY. He's doing an only MA in psychology, and I assume this is part of his MA dissertation. I'm glad my MSc (yes, MSc, I'm still going to be a twat about this not being science, Ha!) never made the national press, cos ill informed bloggers would tear the bejesus out of that rubbish.
Shit, it seems part of his masters level research is being presented to the British Psychological Society, so really that's mightily impressive. No offence Stuart.

I'm sure NAGTY is a super institution, and the research is top notch. I think I am mostly enraged by the telegraph article. And Bryan May. He left his PhD for rock and roll, can anyone think of someone doing the reverse? A professional popular musician quitting to work in science?

EDIT 2: No, this is a bag of wank. Still, no offence Stuart. It's not your fault that you MA project made it onto the national press.


Ne said...

Hell, I wish I could spell....

Anonymous said...

First you make me comment three times in one week and then - and THEN - you steal my comment by pointing out your own crap spelling.

Un... Believable.

Anonymous said...

Every so often, Brain May guest stars on The Sky at Night.