Saturday, March 17, 2007

pretty pictures of a cell

This is a electron tomography generated image of a yeast cell. Nice isn't it?

Researchers at EMBL and the University of Colorado have published this in Developmental Cell, as part of their research into the cytoskeleton.

The image was made by taking electron micrographs through the cell (transmission EM I assume, I'm at home and don't have access to the journal to check. This is blogging by press release, but then I'm feeling lazy), and then making a 3d reconstruction using the stack of images, much as you would when doing CT scans of people. Well, not how you would, unless of course you are a radiographer. Do I mean radiographer, or radiologist? Or both?

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Anonymous said...

I always suspected that yeast had a heart of oak.

Cold unfeeling yeast, mocking me with its elaborate beer and bread making skills.