Friday, March 23, 2007

Rock and roll science

I'm getting used to this slightly higher frequency posting game. It won't last.

Anyway, in my last post I mused if any (succesful) rock musicians quit the road and hit the lab. But I'd also be interested to hear of any link between rock and roll, and the world of science. So far, other than Dr Bryan May, all i can think of is that guy from the Offspring starting his PhD at UCLA, or the University of Southern California, or some place, but never finished it. Oh, and doesn't the guy from Bad Religion actual have a PhD?
Are there any good rock star scientists out there (other than Bryan May, the man is a legend), or are we stuck with rubbish Californian punk bands? I'll have a think and report back.

I'm also wanting to put together a mix tape of Sciencey tunes; here are a couple to be starting off with.

"Go Tell The Women", Grinderman.
"Lesson 6: The Lecture", Jurrasic 5
"The Scene is Dead", We Are Scientists
"Dr Funkenstein", Parliament

watch this space....


Blue and Brown said...

Apologies to Insect Life - British Sea Power.

The Test - The Chemical Brothers

Nature Boy - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

The Scientist - Er, Coldplay...

The Scientician said...

Let's get one thing clear. NO COLDPLAY!
Not sure about Nature boy, not explicitly science, similar apologies to insect life.

Dan said...

Bovine Spungiform Economics - Million Dead

Dan said...

Modern Chemistry - Motion City Soundtrack
Fix The Sky A Little - 65 Days Of Static
PopUlar Science - Bayside
Tendon #7 - Chris TT
Homesick At Spacecamp - Fall Out Boy

The Scientician said...

no more emo please...

Dan said...

Haha, okey then, Erm...

Biological - Air
Gene By Gene - Blur

Dan said...

Well these ain't songs - I reccon entire albums trump songs anyway... !?

S.C.I.E.N.C.E - Incubus
Science & Nature - The Bluetones
The Sounds Of Science - The Beastie Boys